The stage lights go out after the performance and then the paranormal activity begins. Come explore the Olde Pine Theatre in the dark. This is a haunted attraction with live actors that will startle and scare you as you navigate an authentic 1950's theatre. Be prepared to be terrified! Produced by Rochester Horror.  Arrive any time between 6:30 PM and 9:30 PM to go through the haunted theatre.


Welcome to the Olde Pine Theatre!  A performing arts venue in the heart of Pine Island, MN.

August 1955 Pine Theatre

Live Theatre

Run Like Hell "Pink Floyd Show"

We are here to serve the entertainment needs of Pine Island, MN and the surrounding area.  If you need a community space to rent please contact us.  The space is available for wedding receptions, graduation parties, birthday parties, family reunions, fellowship meetings, theatre and recital practice.  Please call 507-491-2639 for more information or a tour of the space.  113 2nd St. SW, Pine Island, MN 55963 email:

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